Eric the Car Guy

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Eric the Car Guy is a Rosedale graduate who produces videos on car repair. Below is a series of vidoes he created about his visit with his old school, Rosedale Tech.

ETCG Visits Rosedale Tech

“This video documents my trip back to where I got my automotive education, Rosedale Technical College in Pittsburgh PA. I have to say that it was probably the most life changing thing that I ever did, because since I left that school after getting my automotive education, my life has improved dramatically. As I said in the video, I’m not saying that you have to go to Rosedale to get your automotive education, but if you’re serious about getting into the automotive field I strongly suggest you find a school that’s right for you and get an education in the automotive arts before you get a job in the automotive field, without it I feel you won’t do as well and won’t be as effective as a technician.”

Marc Mullin Interview – Things you need to know about running your own shop

“Marc was probably one of the most interesting people that I met when I visited Rosedale, he teaches business management as well as some other stuff, he’s second generation at the shop his family owns and does a fair about of business due to their excellent reputation, if you’re considering getting into the automotive field I urge you to heed his words this man knows what he’s talking about.”

Diesel Interview (Brandon Danser and Rob Murphy)

“It was really great getting to know the new location at Rosedale and the Diesel department was no exception, don’t get too used to it though because they have a whole new building just for diesel, see the video that I did on ETCG for that one.”

HVAC Interview with Wayne Walker

“Another addition to the Rosedale line up the HVAC program, this is an often overlooked profession I think but especially in this day and age I think HVAC and energy efficiency is going to be a great field to get into, I recommend you check out the classes in your area to see what they have to offer.”

“One of the big changes they made at Rosedale was the addition of more classes not just in automotive but also in Electrical, so if you’re considering a career in the Electrical fields and you live in the area I would suggest checking out their program, as I said in the video, ’Lou Levine is electricity’.”

Electrical Interview with Lou Levine

“To say I enjoyed making this video would be something of an understatement, Paul Danner is a great teacher and he has some great diagnostic tools in his class that are a lot of fun to play with, watch us as we go through the process of diagnosing this Chevy pick up with a misfire, I think you’ll be surprised at what we find and how we find it.”

Interview/Diagnostic Video with Paul Danner
Part 1

“Well here is the conclusion of my misfire video with ScannerDanner, I’ve read many of the comments to part 1 and I can say that most of you are dead wrong as to the cause of this misfire but with a combination of science and common sense we manage to figure it out.”

Interview/Diagnostic Video with Paul Danner
Part 2

“Well as the title states this video is a summary of what I had intended to accomplish during ’Rosedale Week’, it’s also there to address some of the comments that I had received on some of the videos and I hope this helps clear the air a bit. Here are the links to the videos that I referred to in the video.”

Rosedale Week – “The Take Away” – Eric’s thoughts on the week

Learn more about Eric the Car Guy at his website: Or you can view his YouTube channel .

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