A Family Affair

Jun 03 2014

Time For a Career Change

A Family Affair
What better way to stay motivated on accomplishing your goals and achieving your dreams? It is to have a great support system. Rosedale Technical Institute is honored to be an additional support to four students who have decided to make RTI a part of their road to success. Marcus Anderson, Jason Johnson, Walter Clarit, and Payton Rigg are not only fellow students, but they are also related.

A former chef in the military, Walter decided it was time for a career change. Always having a passion for cars, Walter was further encouraged to explore RTI’s Automotive program after watching a few TV commercials. Scheduled to graduate in July of 2014, Walter could not be happier with his choice to enroll in our program. His enthusiasm prompted him to share his experiences with Peyton and Jason who were both looking to advance their careers.

Peyton, who at the time was already working as a maintenance engineer at the Marriott Hotel, was interested in RTI’s recently launched HVAC program. After further exploring the program and the recommendation of Walter he is scheduled to graduate in May of 2014.

Working in Real Estate at a Title Company Jason’s duties included performing title clearance and customer service. Although it was a good living Jason was in search of a career path that was more challenging and hands-on. He found exactly was he was looking for in RTI’s Electrical program. Again, because of the stellar curriculum at Rosedale and the recommendation from a family member Jason is scheduled to graduate in January of 2015.

Marcus is the most recent relative to enroll at Rosedale. His prior work experience included working as a machine operator. Looking for a career change, he explored RIT’s Electrical Technology program. Soon after Marcus enrolled and started his classes in March of 2014. He is very pleased with his decision.
The relatives agree that one of the best things about attending school with family is that there is always a familiar face around the corner. Not only are they excited about earning their degrees but they can’t wait to see each other succeed in their respective new career fields.

Here at Rosedale Technical Institute we wish these four gentlemen the best of luck!