A Legend Retires

Jun 08 2014

Retiring but Never Forgotten

Rosedale Technical Institute is fortunate to have some of the best instructors. So it is hard when any of them decide to move on. One of our Automotive Instructor’s Dan Svitko officially retired on May 23, 2014. Prior to his teaching position Dan was a Diesel Tech in the US Coast Guard. Post military service he enrolled in RTI and graduated with his diploma in 1977.

After graduating from Rosedale Dan went on to repair everything from automobiles to river boats and heavy equipment. It was not until September of 1982 that one of his former instructors from Rosedale called and informed him that the school was hiring. During that time the school had a sudden increase of students due to the closing of the steel mills. It was not soon after Dan received that call he became an instructor at the school.

The funny part of the story is that upon being hired Dan stated, “I figured I would give the job about 5 years and then get back into the field.” Well he never intended to love teaching so much. Hence, 32 years later Dan found it hard to retire. He has the encouragement of his wife to thank for finally coming to the decision to enter retirement.

Dan plans to enjoy his retirement by riding his motorcycle, remodeling his stepson’s house, to once again take up bicycling, restore his Camaro, take up golfing, and at times return to RTI to substitute teach.

Rosedale Technical Institute will Miss you Dan!