Burgeoning Green Construction Industry Brings New Jobs for Electrical Contractors

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New Jobs for Electrical Contractors

Green Construction
At this time, the buildings in the United States utilize 39 percent of all energy usage and as much as 68 percent of all electricity generated. Such high energy consumption can’t be tolerated in the long run, and a considerable amount of financial incentives are being directed towards renewable resources and renewable energy, especially in the construction industry.

Renewable Energy Practices Equals Millions of Jobs

Skilled electricians will be an important part of the building industry in the next few decades. A study by the American Solar Energy Society finds that electrician jobs will grow by an astounding 900% in the next 15 years out in the Midwest. That may seem to be very high number—until you consider that the renewable energy industry will produce 20 million jobs in that time. Right now, green construction practices are quickly growing. This is because green construction:

  • Increases Financial Savings and Incentives. Green buildings use much less energy than traditional buildings. Not only does this allow less expensive operation of a building’s construction and utilities, it also allows construction firms to build more by saving money on green projects—which they then spend on more green construction.
  • Uses Resources More Efficiently. Many green buildings use less water, harvest energy for the building’s occupants, and make better use of renewable materials.
  • Increases Employee Productivity. Employees are more comfortable and healthier in these buildings. Chronic conditions such as asthma and environmental allergies are minimized. Lighting quality and temperature are better controlled, and a green building’s ventilation system reduces the chance of working in a “sick building.”
  • Reduces Pollution. Green building construction and green buildings themselves improve the air quality. This is especially important for cities that experience a high level of smog or pollution. A society’s quality of life is directly impacted by the air they breathe.

Electricians who can perform electrical work in green residences and commercial buildings around the country will be at the forefront of this new construction phase. They will install efficient lighting systems, wireless mechanisms for both houses and commercial structures, and programmable energy-efficient utility components.

Rosedale Technical Institute trains students in electrical technology. Our residential and commercial shop area provides students with hands-on practice as well as theoretical knowledge. If you’re interested in becoming part of one of the most in-demand job in the green building industry, contact us today.

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