Pennsylvania State Safety Inspection, Emissions Inspection

Safety Inspection:

This course is a 4-day /4-hour class  and you are required to attend EVERY class in order to receive certification. Students must have a valid driver’s license. People wanting a motorcycle inspection license MUST have a motorcycles driver’s license but those wishing to inspect CDL vehicles do not need a CDL license.


Safety Inspection Category 1 Auto $200.00 Safety Inspection Category 1 and 2 $250.00
Safety Inspection Category 2 Motorcycles $180.00 Safety Inspection Category 1 and 3 $265.00
Safety Inspection Category 3 Trucks $210.00 Safety Inspection Category 2 and 3 $245.00
Safety Inspection Category 4 Enhanced $50.00 Safety Inspection Category 1, 2 and 3 $300.00

Emission Inspection

This course is a 2-day / 4-hour class. You must register with Rosedale Tech for the class. (please register below) and provide the following information in order to register: Name as it appears in your Drivers License, address, drivers license number and contact information (phone number where you can be reached and e-mail). Students that register during the week will be added to the classes on Friday.  An e-mail will be sent once the class roster is created.  You must register and purchase the study materials and testing before the first  day of class . Please go to to register.  You will need the login and password information to access the material during class. You must review/study the material provided by the state in order to pass the test.

Cost: (paid separately)

Material and Testing $39.99 (Paid at

Class: $175.00 (Register below)

Class Schedule:  All classes start at 4 pm

**If the requested class is full, you will be added to the next available class and notified via email.
State Safety Inspection  Emissions Inspection                                               
Aug 31, Sept 2, 7, 9 Sept 13, 15
Sept 14, 16, 21, 23 Sept 27, 29
Sept 13, 15, 20, 22 Oct 4, 6
Sept 27, 29, Oct 4, 6 Oct 18, 20
Oct 5, 7, 12, 14
Oct 18, 20, 25, 27
Please note: Dates may change or cancelled at any time. 
Those affected will be notified via email.

To register and pay, fill out the form below.

For further questions regarding upcoming classes please contact Elvy at 412.250.0054 or

Please read before registering:

  • You must pay in full when registering in order to reserve a seat. NO CASH/CHECK will be accepted.
  • You must call 2 days in advance in order to re-schedule or cancel. (for Monday classes no later than 11 AM, Friday ) 
  • Due limited seats available and high demand, there is a $100 fee for cancelling or re-scheduling less than 48 hrs . You will need to re-register and pay the fee in order to secure a seat.
  • If the class is full, you will be added to the next available class and will be notified by email.
  • You will receive a reminder e-mail the Friday before the class.
  • An active drivers license is required for all certifications.
  • You will need pen/highlighter for the class and must wear sleeve shirt, long pants and no open toes shoes.
  • Classes start promptly at 4:00 PM. Is up to the instructor discretion to admit late arrivals. 
  • Class rosters are created every Friday. Please allow 24 hrs before registering for the emissions on the

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I have been around a lot of technical education environments over the years. Rosedale is unique in that they can offer the whole package—passionate staff, first-class facilities, and a top-notch education. They strive to continually improve in all areas which reflects in the quality of students they are putting out into the field. I would highly suggest if you are considering a technical education, to contact them, visit the school, and you will see first hand.

Robert Rose

Rosedale Technical College offers the best education and training in the trades and automotive in Pennsylvania. Students learn from accomplished instructors, and employers know they are getting the top graduates in their fields. I know many proud parents of Rosedale Tech graduates. They really are producing the workforce that keeps our economy running.

Nick Bonesso

I loved my experience at Rosedale and wouldn’t change anything. If you are looking to become a master tradesman or woman, then Rosedale is the school for you… Thank you Rosedale for the wonderful experience!

Rosedale Tech Student

I’ve learned 2 trades here… automotive [technology] and welding. Both trades have had wonderful teachers, the staff is very friendly, and very well managed all around. I’m very grateful to have gone here, and they are very supportive of us veterans. I would most definitely recommend Rosedale as it was recommended to me.

Russ Baroni

Rosedale didn’t really… They didn’t do the numbers thing. Which is what I always… heard about tech schools, tech colleges. If you had issues at home, issues with babysitters, attendance… they’d move the world to accommodate what you needed. And give you every tool that you needed to be able to graduate and actually apply yourself in the real world. So they took me from a cook who was a part-time dishwasher, and I worked myself in the automotive field all the way up.


Just the Rosedale name changed my life. Because anytime I tell anybody that I graduated from Rosedale… every time… their whole perception changes… I never would have worked for Comcast if it weren’t for the Rosedale name… I truly know that… Rosedale’s given me life. Rosedale has given me the ability to succeed in life. And I thank them for that.


The employees here do everything they can to make sure you are ready to go out in the field… They will help you find a job. They will help you with your resume… I think the interview class here… it’s very valuable. They teach you how to sit down in a professional manner and talk to someone and highlight your skills… If you take that class and you do really well… you are going to have a great-paying job. And you’re going to have a bright future.

Justin Piot

College or military, that’s what everyone was doing. That’s what we were told to do all through… school. When I came… to Rosedale, it was a different type of schooling. Because they are actually interested in what you’re learning… You’re not just being forced different subjects upon you. And once a week we are able to get hands-on… do projects out in the facility. Which really gave you a leg up when you went into interviews and they asked you ‘Now do you have any experience?

Shawn Fossett