Information on Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

Mar 12 2020

Updated March 27, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.

To: Rosedale Technical College Students, Faculty and Staff

From: Dennis Wilke, President

I hope and pray that each of you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe in this extraordinary time of crisis. As always, our concerns are about the whole you, not just your role as a student.

Everything seems to be changing by the minute, and it is challenging to stay fully up to date. The management team at Rosedale has been continuously working through the various scenarios of how the situation will affect our students and our college in general. Here is an update:

  • We do not yet have a firm date to resume on-campus classes, although we are tentatively working with an end of April/early May possible return. That timetable is subject to change.
  • We have received approval to offer some General Education courses via remote instruction. Some of our students will be able to choose this option if they desire. No student will be forced to take remote classes; it will be an option. Not everyone will have this option, however, since it depends on your program and schedule. Students will be notified individually as soon as possible.
  • Quality matters. Thus, we have decided not to pursue offering our technical classes via remote learning, for now. We know that the “hands on” component of our curricula is too important and vital for our students to learn the necessary skills.
  • The Financial Aid, Education, Job Placement, Student Services and Finance departments have been and will continue to be working to serve you, mostly from their homes. We will continue to offer one-on-one personal service to our students upon your request. If you need assistance in contacting any staff member, please call our main number 412-521-6200. Email addresses for staff members are on the attached page.
  • No Rosedale student will be penalized by this suspension of classes. Tuition charges will remain the same, and you will not be charged additionally due to the unscheduled break. This time period is being treated very similarly to our Summer and Winter break periods, with everything basically on hold.
  • Federal and state legislation continues to come out with various measures to help students across the country. There are several pieces of the current legislation that are very favorable to students with financial aid. As soon as the bill becomes law, we will provide more details.
  • As a reminder, all students continue to have free access to “Back On Track”, our counseling resource service. Call 800-566-5933 for help on a variety of issues. Or visit and use Web ID: 1018 and Password: confidential help.
  • We will provide an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) memo next week to provide general answers to some of our more common student questions.


Staff email addresses:

President Dennis Wilke

Director of Education Kara Chan

Student Services Coordinator Maria Gigliotti (Job Placement)

Student Services Coordinator Julie Weber (Registrar/Transcripts)

Manager of Financial Aid Kim Bell

Financial Aid Coordinator Rose Leipertz

Financial Aid Coordinator Valerie Veltri

Financial Aid Coordinator Dannielle Sweigert

Director or Finance John Litwin

VP College Development & Enrollment Craig Rosati

Senior Admissions Advisor Dave Detar

Admissions Representative Patrick Veri

Admissions Representative Amy Banks

Manager of Educational Facilities Dave Sladky


Updated March 16, 2020 at 7:30 p.m.

Based on new information this afternoon, Rosedale Tech will cease classes indefinitely.  For students due to graduate next Friday, we might be able to make special arrangements for you to finish.  Contact Kara Chan if interested at

Updated March 16, 2020 at  2:00 p.m.

Rosedale Tech will offer the ability for students to proceed with their courses through a combination of remote/online work and some on campus instruction to complete the two weeks remaining in the current term. We have created unique plans for each class/instructor, and we are communicating those plans to each student according to which class they are in. Any student who feels uncomfortable with the plan for their class or who is experiencing any illness should contact Director of Education Kara Chan to determine an alternate plan. We are working at the individual student level to provide the flexibility necessary to help each student succeed within their own situations.

Our plans meet the official guidelines per governmental authorities to limit the number of people in a confined area. Some classes will be offered the opportunity to attend for on campus instruction on certain days, while some other classes may be offered entirely to work from home. Students who desire to use computer access on campus should contact Kara Chan or their instructor to schedule a time to come in to use our resources. For class instruction that is on campus, we will provide for safe separation from other people, and we have created an intensified cleaning process. Please note that only a small portion of our student body will be permitted to come on campus at one time, and there is a staggered schedule to accommodate the remaining 2 weeks of this term.

The Steel Toe Station cafeteria will open with a limited menu and with a “to go” model of operation. The college will provide some items at reduced or zero cost for students, subject to change. Breakfast service may not be available, but we will adjust to the demand. Evening dinner service will be available, though we will likely close a little earlier than normal.

Questions regarding other student services can be directed to the appropriate staff for each of those areas. Our offices will remain open to provide services to students, whether in person or by phone/email. Campus wide events (like Open House & Career Fair) and shadow days are being postponed until further notice.

Plans for the new term start on March 30th are being finalized. We are preparing to adjust schedules to offer most instruction via remote/online access. We may offer some classes to have partial on campus instruction with staggered schedules, similar to our approach for the next 2 weeks. We will provide each student their specific proposed plan for the next term sometime soon.

All of these plans and procedures are subject to change as this situation evolves. Remember that we are here to work with each individual student to respond to your needs. Contact us to discuss your concerns. We will work with you to find the best solution for each individual student.

Some key contacts:

Dennis Wilke, President

Kara Chan, Director of Education

Kim Bell, Financial Aid Manager

Craig Rosati, VP College Enrollment & Development

And/or you may contact any other faculty or staff member that you’ve been working with.

The office phone number is 412-521-6200.

March 12, 2020 at 2:00 p.m.

Rosedale Technical College is committed to acting in our students’ best interests in all matters of health, safety and education. Our approach to operations in light of the current Coronavirus situation will change and evolve as new information becomes available. Our current official policy and approach is explained below. For questions regarding this matter, please contact either President Dennis Wilke or Director of Education Kara Chan. You may call the main office number at 412-521-6200 or email to or

  • Any Rosedale student or employee exhibiting flu-like symptoms should call off and stay home until 24 hours after symptoms cease. Be especially observant of any fever over 100 degrees.
  • Flexibility with regards to attendance accommodations will be available. Students can communicate with our Director of Education to make sure that their absence will not affect their grades or official attendance record negatively.
  • Rosedale has intensified our internal cleaning schedules and we have stocked sanitizing supplies for student, faculty and staff use. We are working with our suppliers and external cleaning services to remain prepared as the situation evolves.
  • Rosedale continues to urge extra emphasis on cleanliness, handwashing, limits on physical contact unless necessary.
  • Due to the nature of the school’s operations, with small class sizes, no residence halls, and hands-on lab instruction requirements, at this point in time we will remain open under our normal schedule. This is subject to change based on new information or reported cases.

Information from the Center for Disease Control may be found at: