Developing Technical Skills to Compete in Today’s Workforce

Apr 22 2014

The U.S. Treasury Secretary recently said that for the United States to remain competitive in an increasingly technical world, more high-tech manufacturing jobs must be created. These jobs will enable the U.S. to develop more advanced manufacturing expertise and designing and generating products and services that we can both use in the U.S. and that can be exported to other countries.

Manufacturing’s Future in the United States

To make sure that American manufacturing workers are competitive, the current Administration has put a priority on these measures:

  • Increasing job training. Workforce training and recruiting must continue to be modernized. Part of the solution is to let people know that manufacturing jobs must have highly skilled workers. Gone are the days of dirty shop floors in factories, unsafe working conditions, and low pay. Now, manufacturing jobs require a degree, certification, or classes, plus real-life experience while learning, and apprenticeships that enable workers to be ready to take skilled, well-paying jobs right out of school.

  • Investing in manufacturing opportunities. The United States’ manufacturing levels have been steadily decreasing over the past thirty years, and now that there’s been a major technological shift in how items are fabricated, we must catch up. That means that we need additional funding for manufacturing programs, more apprenticeships, and more companies that are willing to set up factories and workshops in the United States. With additional resources from the state and federal level, more highly qualified worker opportunities will be created.
  • Investing in education and manufacturing institutes. Preparing our country for advanced manufacturing training and skilled positions requires more funding streams in education. There are many different ways that these investments will help: not only will it promote manufacturing jobs as career positions, it will provide more resources to developing top-notch manufacturing training facilities. The U.S. is falling behind on filling highly technical jobs, so developing a more educated workforce is vital.

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