Entrepreneur Profile: Jason Johnson and Marcus Anderson

Feb 01 2022

Are you ready to control your own destiny and be your own boss?  That’s exactly what Rosedale Tech alumni and brother in-laws Jason Johnson and Marcus Anderson were looking for.  After completing Rosedale Tech’s electrical technology program in 2015, they set out and began Connection Perfection Electric, a black-owned business focusing on residential and commercial installation and wiring.  After recently connecting with co-owner, Jason Johnson, who is back at Rosedale Tech for the HVAC technology program, we’d like toe share with you a little bit about his experience with entrepreneurship.

What’s one of the best things about being in business for yourself?   Having control of my time and money.  “I am in control of my future,” said Jason.

What’s one of the hardest things you’ve encountered with starting your own business?  Initially, having the startup capital to operate smoothly.  Now that they are a household name, Jason said the problem is finding time to do all the work. “My phone is always ringing,” he said.

What are your future business goals?  One of the primarily goals Jason is working towards is adding HVAC to the list of services Connection Perfection offers.  Marcus is currently working on obtaining licensing to begin working within the city of Pittsburgh.  In the future, Jason said that he would like to become a general contractor.

Why should someone pursue a trade?  With Connection Perfection taking off off during the pandemic, Jason credits his skilled training from Rosedale Tech for keeping him in business.  “If I didn’t have my own company, I don’t know where I’d be.  A trade is something you will have forever.  Someone will always need you and your services,” said Jason.

If you are looking for a skilled electrician, contact Connection Perfection Electric today at (724) 252-2811.  Also, be sure to find them on Facebook.