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As the wars in the Middle East draw to a close, returning veterans are coming home to a tight job market. With unemployment still at record levels, it’s estimated that there are six people applying for every available diesel technician and truck driving position. At Rosedale Technical School in Pittsburgh, PA, we consider it a high priority to see that our wartime heroes come home to good jobs, by providing training that will give them the edge.
Saluting Veteran
Hiring veterans is a national responsibility. It seems only right that someone who serves our country be able to come home and be welcomed back into the workforce after their years of service. However, technology changes so fast that the skills veterans use in the military often aren’t immediately transferable without training at a technical school.

That’s where Rosedale Technical School comes in. We are proud to train returning veterans, assuring that they will be employable in a wide variety of good-paying jobs. When a veteran leaves our school, we can refer them with pride to companies that are hiring veterans.

Rosedale offers diploma and degree programs for truck driver, automotive technician, diesel technician, electrical and HVAC technician fields. All of these areas require skills that many returning soldiers already have. All that’s needed is to adapt and upgrade those skills for the civilian market. In other words, a diesel engine is a diesel engine, whether it’s in a military truck or a moving van. It takes a properly trained diesel technician to diagnose and repair both.

Rosedale is proud to be recognized by Military Times Magazine as a 2014 “Best for Vets” business! We are honored to be known for hiring veterans, as well as for the excellent training we give them. Our faculty has several veteran teachers, working with high school students to instill discipline and knowledge that will serve them throughout their careers and lives.

Rosedale Technical School believes in providing a strong foundation for hiring veterans as they come home from the war. If you are a returning vet who is seeking job retraining, please browse our site for the program that interests you and matches your skill set. Perhaps you’re an HVAC technician and would like to branch out into electrical or diesel technician work. You’ll find that many of the principles are the same, though the practice is different. Come to us and learn what you need to know to get a great job today!

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