Graduate Success Stories: Josh Pitz

Jun 04 2013

Josh Pitz spent years at jobs that weren’t a great fit. He did everything from working in a pizza shop to odd jobs in factories. He always had a passion for cars, but was afraid to get into the field because he didn’t want something he loved to turn into something he hated because it was his “job”.

Josh Pitz Rosedale Tech Grad

Josh recognized he needed a change and was ready to do something about it. He enrolled in the evening Automotive Technician class in June 2011. To this day he says “it is the best decision I’ve ever made”. He even encouraged his friend, James Rubolino to start school with him. By January 2012 Josh was already working in the field (at Pepboys) during the day and still attending classes in the evening.

He was hesitant at first, thinking he’d be burnt out on cars, but it didn’t happen. He said he is happy to be at work and for once he doesn’t have to force himself to be there. Josh graduated in December 2012 and is now able to focus on work full time, as well as enjoy time with his family.

Looking back on his Automotive education Josh says:

“Anyone interested in getting into the automotive field should definitely attend school. Rosedale taught me all of the basic principles needed to be successful in the field. If not for my education at Rosedale I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Josh went on to say,
“When you do decide to attend Rosedale, don’t just show up. Soak up all of the information that is available to you. The combination of theory and class time is the best thing you could ask for, and you will apply what you learn every day as a technician.”

Josh is currently preparing to take his ASE Exams to work towards his Master Technician Certification.