Industrial Technicians Keep Machines Running

Oct 08 2014

The Men Behind the Machines

In response to growing career opportunities in the manufacturing field, Rosedale Technical College has introduced a new program, Industrial Technician, for those who want to work in the manufacturing industry. These professionals go through extensive training to learn how to maintain and repair industrial equipment such as conveyor systems and packaging and production machinery in plants, construction sites, factories, and other areas. Industrial Technicians work in every manufacturing field, including public utilities, mining, energy and power, aviation, vehicles, food processing, and chemicals.

Industrial Technician

What Does an Industrial Technician Do?
Technicians in this field are multi-skilled. They can:

  • Install and assemble mechanical equipment
  • Test and repair manufacturing equipment
  • Troubleshoot electrical systems and automated machines
  • Operate Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems
  • Maintain mechanical and electrical systems

This job requires a solid background in the technology that’s used to run automated systems. Industrial technicians also have to be good problem solvers. Each time a machine stops running, a company is likely losing important production time—and money. Technicians are trained to visually inspect machinery and use computerized diagnostic systems and vibration analysis to discover where the equipment needs to be repaired, and how to do it.

A Growing Need for Industrial Technicians
The U.S. Department of Labor states that work opportunities for this group will increase more than 20 percent through the end of this decade. The average pay for an experienced technician is nearly $22/hour, which is about $45,000 a year.

Most manufacturing companies use specialized, sophisticated equipment that must be regularly maintained, and at times must be evaluated and repaired. On-the-job-training is an important component of the curriculum at Rosedale Technical College, and our students have the opportunity to use equipment including:

  • PLC and Motor Control lab including a Mechatronics simulator (Commercial Conveyor Simulator)
  • A-frame Hoist and Riggings
  • Hydraulics/Pneumatics training lab
  • A 2-story framed building structure used for wiring
  • Plasma Arc Cutters
  • Powertrains training lab with multiple Drive Trains and Gear Boxes
  • Stick, MIG and TIG welders

There’s already a growing for more industrial technicians in Western Pennsylvania. Call Rosedale Technical College today for more information on this new program.