Rosedale Tech Women in the Trades: Julia’s Story

Mar 01 2022

A car fanatic and dance teacher, Julia knew she could apply her creative passions to pursuing a career in the trades. Exploring her options to turn her dream into reality, she discovered Rosedale Technical College. Rosedale Tech is the only local trades school to offer an associate degree program for Julia’s desired area of study: Collision Repair, so she couldn’t pass up the exclusive opportunity.

Julia Watt

With no knowledge of collision repair or painting cars prior to enrollment, Rosedale Tech gave Julia all of the tools, knowledge, and experience necessary to thrive in the trades workforce In just sixteen months, Julia learned everything she needed to find success in her field of interest, ending the timeframe with a full-time job offer at a collision shop.

Hosting a plethora of events and networking opportunities for students and alumni, it is no surprise that Rosedale Tech maintains a high career placement rate! As she gained more skills and learned more about her place within the trades industries, Julia utilized the resources Rosedale Tech provided to ensure she would end up in a role that was a perfect match for her passions, strengths, and goals. Attending Rosedale Tech’s annual career fair in 2021. Julia, and those in attendance, met with hundreds of reputable, local employers to begin their career in the trades.

Pursuing her dreams of collision repair and painting cars, she introduced herself to the representatives from Shultz Ford while at the career fair. After their conversation, Julia learned that her skills could be of service in a full-time position as a Paint Prepper. Julia graduated from Rosedale Tech’s Collision Repair program last September, beginning her career at Shultz Ford shortly after.

In her free time, Julia loves to dance and hang out with her two dogs, Salem and Hex. Julia is proud to be a Woman in the Trades and Rosedale Tech alumna, as she looks to inspire the next generation of trades workers. “Don’t let people discourage you about attending a trade school,” said Watts. “You are just as successful as your peers!”