NC3 Names Rosedale Technical College School on the Rise for July

Sep 28 2020

For over 70 years, Rosedale Technical College has been training technicians for in-demand careers in the automotive and diesel fields.  With a student-centered approach, Rosedale Tech continues to find innovative ways to enhance the curriculum as well as offerings for its students.  One example in particular of added benefit to the programs is offering students the opportunity to earn various certifications that will make them more marketable in the industry.  This past July, Rosedale Technical College was recognized as a School on the Rise by the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3) for the growth of certifications issued to Rosedale students.

NC3 is a network of education providers and corporations that, together, embody passion for innovative CTE models and produce a sustainable, highly-skilled workforce.  They were established “to help build a workforce prepared to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s industries by connecting employers and educational institutions in synergistic partnerships that foster effective training, elevation of skilled careers, and employment opportunities” (  Some of NC3’s industry partners include Snap-on, Trane, 3M, and Lincoln Electric.

Rosedale Tech joined the NC3 Network in 2010 and became an NC3 Leadership School in 2017.  Since joining the organization’s network, the automotive and diesel programs have grown their number of issued certifications by over 1,000%.

“Rosedale Technical College has excelled in NC3’s Snap-on program. Most notably, Snap-on’s Multimeter and Pro-Link iQ Ultra Certifications. For that reason, NC3 is proud to have them as an education partner. This school is bolstering education for the next generation of skilled workers,” said Alex Brookhouse, Operations Director at NC3.

The certifications students are eligible to receive 16 different Snap-on certifications.

As technology quickly transforms, the job of automotive and diesel technicians has also evolved from what it used to be.  Vehicles and equipment are more computer based and involve more diagnostics tests and less wrenching.  The diagnostic tools students earn certifications on are tools that will be found in shops all over the world and are an essential part of the daily job these students are working towards.

“The most important part of NC3 certifications is in employers recognizing the benefits they provide to the students they might hire. In the case of Snap-on, those certifications are recognized throughout the country and certainly heavily in our area,” said Dennis Wilke, President of Rosedale Technical College.

Since inception, Rosedale Tech’s automotive and diesel programs have seen tremendous growth in terms of training opportunities, curriculum offerings, enrollment, and employer partnerships to name a few. One of the unique aspects about Rosedale Tech’s technical programs is that students participate in real, hands-on training.  What that means, specifically with the automotive and diesel programs, is that students are working on a wide array of vehicles varying in years, makes and models, which provides a diverse level of experience.  In addition to the real vehicles, students have the opportunity to utilize tools and technology that will be found in the workforce.

Rosedale Tech has recently seen an influx in employer partnerships, which benefit our students.  The College works with a database of over 1,800 regional employers eager to hire Rosedale graduates.  As an added bonus, many of these companies now offer additional benefits, including but not limited to, tuition reimbursement, tool bonuses, and additional training opportunities.

One of Rosedale Tech’s recent manufacturer training opportunities includes its Mazda Automotive Student Training (MAST) program, which was designed and created with the intent to educate, train, and prepare automotive graduates with the skills necessary to excel as a technician at a Mazda dealership.  On top of the added manufacturer-specific training, students who are eligible and choose to participate in the MAST program have the opportunity to earn tuition reimbursement and employment at a local participating dealership.

“Rosedale Technical College exhibits all of the traits we look for in an NC3 School on the Rise: passion, dedication, leadership, and motivation. These qualities are paramount to the success of students in the technical fields. Through Rosedale’s partnership with NC3, their students are able to earn certifications that can catapult successful, long-lasting careers. The growth that Rosedale Technical College has achieved through the years is a testament to the hard work and enthusiasm their educators have in driving their students toward prosperity. NC3 is honored to present one of our Leadership Schools with the School on the Rise Award and we look forward to continuing our work together to further promote student success!”  said Erika Staackmann, Customer Success Coordinator at NC3.