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Electricity powers every aspect of our lives. So, it’s no wonder that electricians are as important as the electricity that powers our homes, workplaces, hospitals, schools, grocery stores, apartment buildings, etc. Like engineers, farmers, teachers, and even nurses’, electricians are sometimes an unsung hero with many people taking for granted how some of our basic needs are met.

These essential workers are installing, maintaining and advancing essential equipment on a daily basis. Electricians are in demand and there are many opportunities within this field for someone who displays a good work ethic, attention to detail, likes to utilize equal parts of their brain and hands, and wants to make a different in both their life and the lives of others.

Each student has had different motivation for choosing electrical training, including a love of tinkering with objects, wanting a career instead of just another job, finding a job that offers growth opportunities and a high earning potential, and wanting to own their own business.

As a way to further enhance our training for electrician positions in different industries, we are proud to offer Construction Electricity and Industrial Electricity programs. See for yourself what a career as a construction electrician or an industrial electrician can offer to power up your future.


Top-rated education that provides real, in-person training taught by instructors with industry experience – that’s the Rosedale Tech Difference

What are the Options for Rosedale Tech’s Electricity Programs?

When considering pursuing a career as an electrician at Rosedale Tech, there are two options available that offer specialized training for specific areas of electricity: Construction Electricity and Industrial Electricity.  Whether you are looking for a certain discipline, unsure of what direction you want to go, or want a well-rounded education by taking both programs, we can guide you based on your career goals.

What is Construction Electricity?

Construction electricians are highly skilled professionals who undergo extensive training for wiring homes and businesses that are in the construction phase as well as maintenance and repairs on existing buildings. Construction electricity is a vital part of any construction project, and construction electricians ensure that the wiring is installed correctly and safely. With the possibility to work in tight spaces and at heights at times, graduates of the construction electricity program play a vital role in ensuring that the electricity needed to function will operate safely each day.

What is Industrial Electricity?

Industrial electricians work with a variety of electrical systems and electrical equipment, from simple motors to complex industrial machinery, such as conveyor systems, production machinery, and packing equipment. Industrial electricians are responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining this equipment, as well as troubleshooting any problems that may arise. Industrial electricians must have a strong understanding of electrical theory and be able to work safely with high-voltage equipment. Students in the industrial electricity program can obtain the knowledge and skills to maintain and repair industrial equipment, automated systems and machinery, programming PLCs and robotics, as well as install, repair and reassemble, modify and move machinery.

What is the

JOB OUTLOOK FOR Construction and Industrial Electricians?

As long as electricity is part of our lives, there will be a need for qualified electricians and with the workforce seeing a turnover of electricians due to retirement, the need is greater than ever.

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,

in Employment of Electricians from 2021 to 2030

For industrial electrician positions, employment is projected to grow 14% by 2030, which is much faster than the growth rate for other occupations.

Want to be your own boss? Some students who have gone through our electrical program have chosen to use their skills and open their own businesses. Graduates of the construction electricity program may qualify for careers in areas like the following:

Graduates from the industrial electricity program could have the entry-level career paths as:

These industrial positions are available in manufacturing facilities, production plants, industrial factories, packaging complexes, and distribution centers.

Here are some of the employers that have hired our electrical graduates:

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I worked for 23 years at a plant until another company bought it and closed it down causing over 500 employees to lose their jobs…I had the opportunity to go back to college and I decided to learn a trade [and] chose electrical technology. I chose Rosedale because it was closer to home and I didn’t want to spend 4 years in school. I want to call out all my instructors that taught me while I was there. I knew nothing about electricity and they took the time and patience to listen and give me correct answers. They never had a problem staying over or coming in early to help keep my education going forward. They didn’t let me fail. Never did I envision myself building cables for robots. Since Rosedale, I’m still the same person, I just have a better outlook on life. Once you lose your job after 23 years you can become lost. Rosedale gave me a light at the end of a dark tunnel then Carnegie Robotics made it even brighter.

Patty F.


Rosedale Tech’s construction electricity and industrial electricity programs are geared towards providing students a foundation of knowledge that they can build upon throughout their career in various industries.

Our in-person, hands-on courses in both programs provide real-life training opportunities where students can use tools and equipment that may be found in the workforce.

Students in both the construction electricity and industrial electricity programs receive instruction on the National Electric Code (NEC) and can earn various lift certificates and OSHA certificates.

No experience? No problem!  Many students come into our technical training programs with no previous training, and graduate with the skills and confidence needed to enter the workforce. Our instructors aren’t lifelong educators, but rather individuals who bring years of actual industry experience to the classroom.

Graduate with a


When graduates complete the construction electricity or industrial electricity program, they earn an Associate in Specialized Technology degree upon graduation.

Our goal at Rosedale Tech is to help graduates live the life they want by connecting them with training and employment opportunities that can help get them there. The Student Success Team helps connect students with employers through a number of engagement opportunities, including, but not limited to, career fairs, mock interviews, employer presentations, and field trips. While job placement isn’t guaranteed, Rosedale Tech graduates are in demand.

Schedules That Fit Your Life

One comment our graduates consistently make is that their time at Rosedale Tech flies by quickly. The construction electricity and industrial electricity programs can be completed in less than two years and prepare students with the foundation needed to begin their career. We offer a four-day school week to help students balance school with other personal obligations, such as work, family, etc.

Can’t fit the construction electricity or industrial electricity programs into your schedule?  Ask an admissions representative about our evening electrical diploma program.

Financial Aid Options

Financial aid is available to those who qualify. 

Worried about how to pay for school? Many of our students qualify for some type of financial assistance. We offer a process that pairs accepted students with a financial aid coordinator to help customize a financial aid plan that may include eligible grants, loans, and other awards. We can also assist with the application for federal financial aid.

We are proud to support members of the military community as they transition back to civilian life. Our financial aid team includes members who are VA certified and can help military students navigate their military benefits for education.

Why Not Choose Rosedale Tech


If you’re looking for a program that offers online training and no effort at all to complete, Rosedale Technical College is probably not the place for you.

If you’re ready to empower your future and be fully engaged with in-person, hands-on skilled technical training, then it’s time to talk with an admissions representative about Rosedale Tech’s electrical training programs and find the best fit for your interests and future goals.

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