Rosedale Tech is Returning to Campus: Check out how we are ensuring the safety of our students

Jun 04 2020

As Allegheny County gets the green light to move into the green phase of Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 reopening plan, we are excited to announce that our technical programs will return to on-campus learning on Tuesday, June 9.  Students currently participating in online courses will continue to do so, but will be given the option to return to in-person training or continue online learning at the four-week mark of the semester.

Keeping the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff in mind, we have created the Safe Open Plan, which details a number of new procedures that will be in place once we return to campus.  Some of the key components of the Safe Open Plan include:

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers installed at all entrances and exit doors.
  • Entrance and exit doors will be consolidated to limit egress to only those doors which will be monitored by staff. In the Chosky Building, the front door, the main student entrance door and the door next to the garage entry will be used for entry. In the Wilke Building, the Welding area door and the door near the CDL classroom will be used for entry. Student entrance doors will be unlocked during normal entry and exit hours and during normal break times, otherwise they will be locked. Exit doors will be always accessible to leave the buildings.
  • Garage doors will often be open in order to promote ventilation and air circulation.
  • Disposable masks will be available for guests at the front entrance. Masks for students will be available at the tool rooms and other locations.
  • Any individual exhibiting symptoms of contagious illness, including a fever above 100.4F or any other viral related symptom like shortness of breath or cough, must not come on campus. Individuals who believe they have recently been in close contact with an infected person are urged to self-quarantine until confident of being free from illness themselves.
  • Any individual becoming ill while on campus should excuse themselves immediately and will be sent home. The college will be as lenient as possible for time missed due to Covid-19.
  • Masks will be worn in classroom group settings, with reasonable exceptions allowed. For example, in order to be clearly understood, an instructor or a student may temporarily remove their mask to speak. Also, exceptions are allowed for eating and drinking where appropriate. Individuals may choose to use their own PPE (face coverings/gloves), or they may choose to use items the college will provide. Face coverings must completely cover an individual’s mouth and nose. Any reasonable face covering may be acceptable. Any individual who is unable to wear a mask due to health reasons should provide documentation of their condition to the Manager of Educational Operations, Dave Sladky, and accommodations will be made.
  • Safe distancing between students will be implemented. Classroom furniture will be set up in such a way to keep a separation between student desks and chairs in the classroom. Larger classes may be moved to larger rooms to accommodate the proper distancing. The recommendation of 6 feet separation will be observed in most cases, though some exceptions may be allowed.
  • Safe distancing will be used in shop and lab areas, to the extent possible. Students observing other students or instructors working on equipment should be kept a safe distance away. In some cases, students will need to get closer to see something relating to the equipment in order to facilitate the learning process, and these exceptions are allowable, but masks and safety glasses should be worn.
  • Large student events will be postponed, modified or canceled while we are still under the pandemic threat. We will assess the situation and take guidance from our local, state and federal government, as well as the CDC and other resources, in order to determine when conditions are appropriate for large gatherings.
  • The cafeteria seating, walking pattern and procedures have been modified. There will be distance between seating area chairs, though individuals who wish to sit closer to one another will be allowed to do so. Furniture is being changed to support safe distancing, including removing large tables and adding more small tables and setting up chairs to keep proper distance between diners.
  • The Steel Toe Café food line will run in one direction, with an entrance and exit gate on either side. The one-way traffic will be enforced by signage, staff support and by keeping the exit gate open just enough to allow one person to pass through.
  • The payment process will be modified to minimize the risk of germ transmission. Daytime students will be required to use meal plan accounts to eliminate the handling of cash or credit card transactions in the café line. Students will be able to use cash, credit card, or student account balances to load funds onto their student meal account. There will be a finance representative in the cafeteria during most meal times to accept cash and credit payments on a Café meal plan. Evening students will be permitted to use any form of payment for now, but we will monitor the effect on waiting time in lines.
  • We may adjust the lunch schedules as necessary to minimize lines at the Café and the number of people in the seating area.
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitation measures will be implemented.

To view the entire Safe Open Plan, click Here.

In addition, if you are a prospective student interested in learning more about Rosedale Tech, we are now scheduling in-person tours.  Virtual tours and conversations will still be available upon request.  Request information Here or call (412) 521-6200 to speak with an admissions representative to learn more and schedule a tour.

We look forward to seeing everyone back on campus!