Rosedale Tech Offers Personal Interest Classes for the Public

Nov 06 2015

<h2>Personal Interest Classes

In an effort to expand on its new commercial slogan, “Serious. Fun. For the Doers,” Rosedale Technical College has introduced personal interest classes for the community at its Kennedy Township campus.

Rosedale Tech, a leader in the trade education industry, is now boosting its course offerings. Studies have shown that when people enjoy activities that relate to their interests, they feel more connected to others and less likely to suffer from “burn out” in other areas of their life. It’s great for emotional health and leads to friendships, too. Rosedale’s Personal Interest Classes offer a fun learning environment with self-improvement opportunities.

Personal Interest Courses

People can sign up for the following classes:

  • Homebrewing Essentials. These hands-on classes teach you how to brew your own beer at home. This two-day course includes all required ingredients and equipment, and shows you how to properly brew and store beer with today’s technology. You’ll also be able to develop recipes that you can use at home.
  • How to Make Sushi. If you love sushi and would like to learn how to make it, plus some other Asian specialties, our world-renowned chef offers this one-day class on the Rosedale campus.
  • Motorcycle Maintenance. This two-day course teaches participants about motorcycle repair and maintenance. It’s an excellent resource class for anyone who owns a bike and would like to learn about tools and what is needed to repair engines, brakes, tires, and more.

Classes are limited in size, so there’s plenty of individual attention.

These classes, which are open to the community, started in November and will continue in 2016. To learn more, go to the Rosedale Technical College website. You can purchase tickets from the site or call 800-521-6262 for more information.

Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. Rosedale Tech is a nonprofit Equal Opportunity Educational Institution and Employer, ACCSC Accredited Institution, and ASEEF Certified. Gainful Employment disclosure information is available at