Rosedale Technical College Awarded $1 Million Grant to Support Strategic Initiative and Renovation Plan in 2022

Dec 23 2021

Rosedale Tech: A School That Lives Up to Our Value Statement 

With a student-centered approach in everything we do, Rosedale Technical College has built a robust training curriculum that gives aspiring trades workers the confidence they need to succeed in the workforce upon graduation. To continuously offer technical programs to the Pittsburgh region, Rosedale Tech has implemented a $7 million renovation plan to support furthered growth and success for its students and faculty.

This is just another way that Rosedale Tech demonstrates the commitment to our values of continuous improvement and self-development, honesty, humility, and enthusiasm through a student-centered approach. While an already strong and hands-on program, Rosedale Tech continually finds ways to evolve programs to stay relevant and ahead of trends within the industries Rosedale Tech serves. Each program offers a great technical education while earning a respective associate in specialized technology degree or diploma. Rosedale Tech does this is by improving the facility and overall spaces within it to ensure the best educational experience. We also continue to add to our extensive list of programs and certifications to stay well-informed in industry knowledge.

Our mission is for students to secure employment to make an economic impact in the Pittsburgh area. We provide career services by working with students who are seeking employment and working with employers who have open positions. The Student Success Center provides ongoing assistance throughout the employment process. Rosedale Tech’s training programs are designed to promote student success and we are confident that our students will advance within the industry. Overall, Rosedale Tech prioritizes its students first and cares about their education experience.

Finding Ways to Achieve Goals in Trades

To assist Rosedale Tech’s renovation endeavors and progress toward their strategic initiative, the college recently earned a $1 million grant from the Pennsylvania Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP). Rosedale Tech’s first time earning the RACP grant, managed by Pennsylvania’s Office of the Budget for economic development projects, the team is grateful for the financial assistance from the state.

“This grant is going to significantly help us continue to transform the way we educate our students to prepare them for careers that are making an impact on our nation,” said Rosedale Tech President Dennis Wilke. “We are excited to continue into the next phases of renovations at our campus. We’d like to thank Senators Wayne Fontana and Jay Costa along with Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald for their support and understanding of our mission.”

Starting 2022 On the Right Foot 

Welcome CenterAs part of Rosedale Tech’s strategic plan, The Five Star Focus: Our Vision Beyond 2020, the grant funding will expedite the upcoming phases and enhancements for the Kennedy Township college campus. The Five Star Focus incorporates an extensive list of goals focused on elevating the trades. Items associated with the strategic plan fall under five main categories: innovate teaching and learning, enhance the student experience, advance the college, grow enrollment, and build capacity.

Rosedale Tech will allocate the awarded grant from the RACP towards the next phases of its campus expansion: hybrid learning areas for lab and classroom spaces, and a special focus area dedicated to industrial electrical applications and robotics.  The first phase of the expansion has included the addition of a new welcome center on campus.

Heading into 2022, Rosedale Tech is starting out on the right foot. We are paving the way to welcome greater success for the incoming generations of trades professionals. With support from the Pittsburgh community and state as a whole, Rosedale Tech is able to fulfill its mission: to promote student success through hands-on training programs necessary to obtain employment within the trades industries. Here’s to continued growth, success, and economic impact on the Pittsburgh region!