Rosedale Technical College Kicks Off Five Star Focus, Geared Towards Elevating the Trades

Apr 18 2018

Since 1949, Rosedale Technical College has been a nonprofit higher education institution training technicians for careers that have helped build our region’s economy.  Recent societal pressures have driven more individuals to four-year colleges and universities while a smaller demographic chooses to attend two-year, skill-focused career colleges and institutions.  This disconnect in post-secondary education combined baby boomers continuing to leave the workforce, has created an increased demand for highly skilled technicians throughout industry.

Over the past eight years, Rosedale Tech has been working to enhance the perception of career colleges as well as fill our nation’s skills gap through a strategic plan known as the 2020 Vision.

In an effort to meet our student-centered values and offer five star customer services, Rosedale Tech has developed our next strategic plan, The Five Star Focus: Our Vision Beyond 2020. This proactive approach will allow us to adapt to ever-changing needs of industry and position our graduates for ultimate success.

With an overall goal of elevating the trades, The Five Star Focus identifies five key objectives that align with our student-centered values and embrace the evolving trends of society.  The five objectives include Innovate Teaching and Learning, Grow Enrollment, Build Capacity, Advance the College, and Enhance the Student Experience.

Some of the key action items in each pillar include:

 Innovate Teaching and Learning.  Rosedale Tech is committed to a high level of training and we intend to do even better in the forthcoming years.  Some of the ways we will do this include:

  • Augment our current program offerings by transforming our curriculum to meet the newest technologies demanded by industry and the economy.
  • Build an autonomous vehicle lab to train automotive students on this technology.
  • Support 10 new companies per year in customized industry training programs, which aims to grow the number of incumbent workforce technicians taught through industry training programs to 5,000 by the year 2022.
  • Integrate classrooms into labs, where appropriate, for a more efficient learning experience.
  • Identify and offer two new trade-related programs in the next five years.
  • Further engrain soft skills training into our culture through professional development, coaching, and further integration of soft skills into the rest of the college.
  • And more!

Enhance the Student Experience.  Today’s students demand a lot.  Here’s what we plan to do to meet their needs:

  • Create new experiences to further develop our student life (i.e. intramural sports, new clubs and organizations).
  • Explore the opportunity to offer on-site daycare for students with children.
  • Offer college-owned student housing for out-of-town students.
  • Establish an alumni association.
  • Become an incubator for alumni wishing to venture into entrepreneurship.
  • And more!

Advance the College.  In order for us to further advance as a college, we must rely on the support and feedback of current and future business partners. Here are some of the ways we plan do to this:

  • Expand and leverage employer relationships as we improve labs and training equipment
  • Implement tuition reimbursement programs with some of our partner corporations and companies.
  • Through our relationship with the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3), we will expand on the certifications and industry training programs we offer at the college as part of our industry training initiative.
  • Initiate an endowment fund for Rosedale Tech to secure the legacy.
  • As a non-profit college, we will establish both alumni and corporate giving
  • And more!

Build Capacity.  As we grow our program offerings and student population, we will need more space, both physically and digitally.  Our plan to build capacity includes:

  • Increase our facilities by an additional 40,000 square feet.
  • Add a large event space to host school-related activities, such as but not limited to, our highly attended graduation ceremonies and our career fairs.
  • Increase internet bandwidth, wireless technologies, and intranet server to meet the needs of faculty, staff and students.
  • Develop online and hybrid learning opportunities for students.
  • And more!

Grow Enrollment.  Employers demand more skilled technicians, so we need to attract more students.  Throughout the next 10 years, our focus will be to increase our student population to 1,000 new students in a school year.  Our plan to grow enrollment includes:

  • Expand our recruiting efforts to cover a larger geographic footprint.
  • Revamp recruiting efforts in traditional high schools and target students in college prep
  • Incorporate new technologies into our strategic marketing plan such as an interactive virtual campus tour.
  • Grow special demographics, like female and minority students.
  • Implement a comprehensive scholarship program.
  • And more!

As a small nonprofit college with big aspirations to lead the resurgence of our region’s economy, we invite you to provide us with feedback and let us know if we are heading in the right direction with our strategic plan.  If you have further questions or comments about The Five Start Focus, please contact me by calling (412) 521-6200 or

Rosedale Technical College is excited to take on this challenge as we continue to train aspiring technicians and welcome a new level of technologies to our curriculum.  Please join us in the initiative to elevate the trades.



Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. Rosedale Tech is a nonprofit Equal Opportunity Educational Institution and Employer, ACCSC Accredited Institution, and ASEEF Certified. Gainful Employment disclosure information is available at