Rosedale Technical College Recruiters Help Students Discover Their Career Potential

Sep 21 2015

Seeing Your Career Potential

Rosedale Technical College is dedicated to educating students for in-demand careers in the trades, but also considers recruiting to be an important part of how the College contributes to the community. In fact, Rosedale doesn’t just reach out to students in Western Pennsylvania—it recruits from Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and New York.

To meet and talk to potential students, Rosedale employs recruiters. These recruiters cover a wide geographical area and travel to high schools, career and technical centers, vo-tech programs, college/career fairs, job fairs, community career placement facilities, and a number of other outside events.

Sean Barrett and Natalie Olup are Educational Outreach Representatives for Rosedale Tech. They connect people with their passions, while igniting the region’s awareness of the demand for skilled technicians. They also offer guidance and informative presentations on the opportunities that are available at Rosedale Tech. Their goal is to find the next generation of skilled trades people, but they also want to ensure that the people they connect with are the right fit for each interested candidate.

Rosedale Recruiting

A Career in the Trades

When Sean and Natalie talk to potential students and their parents about a career in the trades, they focus on the many benefits of having a trade education. Sean explains, “We tell potential students and their parents the truth about a career in the trades. There is a huge demand for skilled technicians, which can equate to good-paying jobs in the workforce. The benefit of having a trade education is that it not only makes a graduate more employable, but also provides each student with a skilled trade that can always be useful.” The majority of the education is highly hands-on and uses real life situations so that students are prepared for and experienced on their first day on the job.

While all of Rosedale Tech’s programs are in high demand, Natalie and Sean agree that the Diesel Technology Program and newly added Welding Technician Program are getting a great deal of interest from potential students. These industries are continuing to grow since there is a huge demand for skilled technicians in both the diesel and welding fields. The Industrial Technician program, which trains students to be a “jack-of-all-trades” in an industrial setting, is also popular.

The Rosedale Difference

Rosedale is different from many other trade schools. Being a nonprofit educational institution, any money Rosedale makes is reinvested back into their programs to ensure that students have the best facilities, educators, and opportunities as they complete their studies. Additionally, the faculty and staff at Rosedale Tech love to help young people pursue their passions. This is what truly differentiates Rosedale from other technical colleges.

Rosedale also has advisory committees made up of industry leaders in all areas of study, which means that the curriculum evolves as industries and employers’ demands change and grow.

Potential students are most impressed by Rosedale’s facilities and teachers, especially after they get the chance to visit the campus and see it first-hand. Sean and Jake say that they constantly hear how welcoming the school feels as students and parents visit for the first time.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the trades, you don’t have to wait for a recruiter to visit your school. We’d love to hear from you and set up a visit and tour. Call Rosedale Technical College today to learn more about our programs.