Scanner Danner, Rosedale’s YouTube Star

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Paul Danner, also known as “Scanner Danner,” is a Rosedale instructor with more than 22 years of experience in the automotive field—and he’s also an author and YouTube star.

He has a very popular YouTube channel with more than 44,000 subscribers that’s great for students, shop pros, and DIYers alike. He develops videos on car repair to teach both professional technicians and amateur “car guys” how to diagnose problems. It’s similar to what he teaches his students in class and is one of the many reasons why so many students choose Rosedale’s automotive program.

Rosedale's Rising Star

His YouTube channel is usually updated once a week, with new posted videos are usually anywhere between 20 minutes and 1 hour long. They include topics such as “How to test an ignition coil with basic tools” and “How to test a Ford MAF sensor.”

He uses the advanced technology and diagnostic equipment that all Rosedale automotive students are taught to use as they analyze and detect problems with car engines.

Danner has also written a book called “Engine Performance Diagnostics” that’s designed as a guide to take with you to troubleshoot automotive electrical items and improve your diagnostics skills, whether you’re working in the field or in your own garage at home. It’s filled with practical tips and gives techs access to troubleshooting methods that are both fast and accurate.

Check out one of his recent videos here:

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