ScannerDanner Weighs in on Diagnosing Engine Problems

Dec 20 2018

We certainly appreciate our self-made YouTube star and Rosedale Technical College’s very own Paul Danner, better known as ScannerDanner. We’ve introduced his YouTube channel in our blog and even gotten to know him better here. It’s no secret that Paul is a great asset as a team member for Rosedale Tech and we couldn’t be happier that he also chose to receive his education here! That’s why we’ve turned to his expert advice to help our students and readers learn a few of the best ways to diagnose various engine problems.

Diagnosing engine problems is a valuable skill to have for more than one reason. Not only can you save money on a mechanic, you can likely fix a minor problem in a dangerous or timely situation. At Rosedale Tech we strive to provide our students with the necessary skills to do just that: correctly diagnose and repair a car that could have been written off by another mechanic as a much more expensive repair. Paul was able to take the education he received from Rosedale Tech and turn it into a popular YouTube channel. He continues to share his education and experience with over 160,000+ of his followers.

Even if you aren’t a professional mechanic or a mechanical engineering student, just about anyone can diagnose a potentially costly engine problem by following these simple steps outlined by ScannerDanner. Check out these ScannerDanner tips, and if you are still having a hard time figuring out what’s going on, contact a mechanic you trust.

How to Quickly Diagnose Four Common Engine Problems

Some common engine problems you may encounter:

  • Fuel Pressure Malfunctions
  • False Starts
  • Misfires
  • Bad Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor

Each of these engine problems is caused by pretty regular things we all do. Whether you forgot to change the oil every three to five thousand miles, a component has become loose, or the car is just old, you should never ignore a check engine light.

Here are a few ScannerDanner videos we feel can help you diagnose and solve each of the above listed problems.

Fuel Pressure Malfunctions

According to ScannerDanner, the quickest way to check for a fuel pressure malfunction is to see the delay of the engine revving after he’s pushed his foot on the gas pedal. Start watching at about two minutes to learn how he diagnoses it!

False Starts

Has your car ever not started when you turned the key? We’ve all been there. But ScannerDanner has been there far more times than your average car owner, and he advises you check the spark plugs, the injector pulse, and then the fuel pressure again.


A misfire is when one of the components in the ignition system has burned out. ScannerDanner takes a Dodge Caravan and quickly diagnoses a valve problem. Check out what he does to fully diagnose a misfire.

Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor

Bucking and lurching in the engine can be a common issue with many potential solutions. ScannerDanner quickly determines that there’s an issue with the Mass Air Flow, and after scanning the engine walks us through a proper diagnosis.

Are You a Future ScannerDanner?

What did you think of ScannerDanner’s diagnoses? Would you have done anything differently? He has enough videos that you can learn from him whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned mechanic. In fact, you can sign up for his channel’s premium membership to view more of his diagnostic videos here.

Do you see yourself as a future ScannerDanner? The first step to any successful mechanic career is to get your education. Rosedale Technical College was lucky enough to have had Paul as a student and an instructor, and we look forward to helping create future mechanics like him. All you have to do to get started is contact us at 800-521-6262 or fill out this form.