Rosedale DNA Meet Adam

Sep 23 2022

Who is Adam Steffey?

Steffey Adam

Adam Steffey is an automotive instructor and has been with Rosedale Tech since 2020. He teaches our electrical systems and troubleshooting classes. He attended Vale Technical Institute and earned his A.S.T in automotive technology and management. Adam decided to take up automotive because he knew he would always have a job in a growing industry and the new generations needed to continue the trades.


Before Rosedale Tech, Adam worked for 30 years in the field and then moved into teaching at NASCAR Tech. He is a certified Master Technician, an ASE Certified L1 & G1 technician, ASE C1 Certified, has his State and Safety Inspector license, PA State Emissions & Repair Certified, and is certified on Chrysler, GM, Ford, and Toyota.


  • Traveling
  • Boating
  • Singing

Fun Facts

  • Adam’s favorite movie is Gettysburg.
  • He loves to travel anywhere with a beach.
  • His favorite color is green and the animal is a dog.
  • He enjoys watching the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • Adam is the singer of a Rosedale Tech instructor band that has played at our student picnic and car show.


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