The Benefits of Rosedale Technical Institute

Apr 03 2014

Benefits of Rosedale Tech!

Today, many graduates of four-year colleges or universities find themselves ill-equipped to land a job in an increasingly competitive market. They’re saddled with a mountain of debt and inexperience, and lack on-the-job practical skills. They havewasted years during which they could have been earning and investing those early dollars that are worth more in the long term.

College Classes Rosedale Technical Institute offers a considerable advantage. Our students finish in a faster amount of time, at less cost, and are armed with the practical knowledge and experience that lands them a solid career path in their desired field. A curriculum focused on their chosen path means less time in the classroom, less tuition costs, and earlier earned dollars. But don’t take our word for it. If you’re deciding between a technical school versus a four-year college degree, you’ll need to consider time, money, and the quickest path to achieving your ultimate career goals. As you consider all of your options and do your research, we’ve included here just a few of the reasons students choose Rosedale Tech time and time again.

Time & Flexibility Selecting a program and degree that work for you is easy at Rosedale Technical Institute. Because we’re focused on getting you prepared in the most efficient way possible, the average amount of time to obtain your degree from Rosedale is two years, half the length of time it would take at a four-year college or university. We custom tailor your curriculum so that all of your coursework is focused on specific skills, aligned closely to your chosen line of work, so you aren’t wasting time and money taking courses outside of the core curriculum. Also, we offer courses in the evenings as well as during the day to fit your schedule.

Hands-on education At Rosedale Technical Institute, our classrooms are smaller than your typical four-year college university. We are strong believers in hands-on learning, and offer this experience either through apprenticeships or co-ops, in conjunction with local organizations.

Central location Centrally-located in downtown Pittsburgh, we encourage prospective students to come visit our campus to see for yourself if we’re the right fit. We offer open houses and opportunities for you to schedule a tour – where you can talk to students and alumni yourself to learn more about our program. We encourage you to research and visit our website to get a better feel for everything we can offer.

Job Placement At Rosedale Technical Institute, we will help you find a job once you’ve completed your degree. Not only do we assist our students in creating a resume and researching employers, we offer career and job placement services for all graduates. You’ll be able to network and make contacts with the instructors—thereby getting a jumpstart on your career goals. Deciding on the right school for you can make all the difference in your future career success.

Don’t sell yourself short. Explore all of your options. Know that Rosedale Technical Institute has your best interests in mind as we prepare our graduates for a lifetime of success.