Top Trends of Technical Institutes

Apr 10 2014

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With rapid technology advances shaping businesses today, some jobs are becoming obsolete overnight. Businesses are encountering “right-sizing” initiatives to stay economically competitive. As a result, employers are realizing that their workers are not as prepared and lack the basic skills to adapt.

Here’s where Rosedale Technical Institute comes in.

Electrical Training at Rosedale Tech

We have the Solution for You.

The landscape is changing, and we’re happy to paint the canvas with optimism. The increasing need for skilled workers in today’s world has caused educational establishments around the world to respond. As organizations observe these changes, we see the ripple effect across employers and the students pursuing the certificates and degrees we offer.

We’re not only preparing our students to have job-specific skills. It’s a two-fold approach. Work-based experiences, such as apprenticeships or internships remain paramount in career and technical education. The trend is to prepare students with both broad-based transferable skills and focused technical skills. So, it’s the career development coupled with a focused technical education that’s attracting droves of students to Rosedale Tech.

Technical training is on the Upswing. We’re Ready.

For example, trends show that vocational training is on the upswing because of its practical nature, on-the-job training, variety, and its occupational programs. The demand in career options in fields such as Automotive, Diesel, Electrical, and HVAC prove our merit over and over.

At Rosedale Tech, you get to apply what you’re learning as you’re learning it in real-world scenarios. Rather than waste time and money obtaining a degree – only to find out four years later that the actual work environment is not for you – Rosedale graduates get to experience it all first-hand, early on.

Particularly when it comes to technology and areas of high specialization, educators are finding that the necessary skills cannot be obtained through textbooks and traditional methods. No time is wasted during the learning process where students apply their new knowledge during an interactive, stimulating learning environment.

We Prepare our Graduates for the Real World.

Another trend in K-12 education is a shift to a test-driven school environment, sometimes at the sacrifice of other learning. At Rosedale Tech, we find real-world ways to prepare our students to be able to adapt, maintain certain high standards, and learn the essential skills to be successful. We incorporate all of this in our curriculum for career and technical educational programs.

Our graduates achieve this practical knowledge in a relatively short period of time, and remain as employable as possible.

We Invest in your Future.

It all boils down to productivity in industry. The educational organizations like Rosedale Tech must stay ahead of the curve when it comes to preparing its students for the workplace.

Rosedale Tech ensures that its graduates are able to either specialize in one area of technical training or another, change an existing career, or brush up their knowledge and skills of the latest technology. All of this will help you advance in today’s competitive job market.

We are continuing to grow and expand what we offer at Rosedale Tech to help prepare our graduates. When you earn an Associate Degree in Specialized Technology, you learn how to be nimble in today’s changing business enterprise.