Why Now Is the Time to Start a Welding Career

Mar 11 2015

Let’s Get Started!

If you’ve been thinking of choosing welding as a career, there’s no better time. That’s because welding is a career that is an essential part of a large segment of manufacturing industries.

Welding Career

A Stable Career Environment

Welders benefit from an exceptional job outlook: as much as 15 percent growth through the end of the decade. Welders normally earn $17.50 an hour, which translates to about $37,000 per year. As manufacturing experiences a renaissance in the United States, welders will be needed to help grow the economy. Additionally, the average age of a welder in this country is nearly 53 years old. Skilled welders will be needed to replace them as they begin to retire.

Welders are especially needed in these industries:

  • Oil and Gas. There’s a booming shale industry in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New York. Gas extraction requires experienced welders, and the by-products produced from shale have produced factories and plants that transform them into usable goods.
  • Automotive. The automotive sector continues to transform and requires ARC welders who can work efficiently to produce enough vehicles for U.S. consumers and businesses.
  • Aerospace. There are thousands of airplanes and other machines that are built every year to sustain U.S. transportation needs and federal defense requirements.
  • Construction. This industry is growing, thanks to green construction efforts, commercial construction, and large projects.

Your career choices include being a welding fabricator, inspector, trainer, and supervisor, depending on your level of education and the years of hands-on experience you have.
Rosedale now offers an 8-month program that trains students to work as welders in any given industry. We prepare our graduates for work in Arc, MIG, and TIG wielding, and they take classes in thermal cutting, printreading, fabrication, metallurgy, pipe welding, and testing and inspection. After completing the program, graduates will receive a Welding Technician diploma and can then earn certifications from the American Petroleum Institute and American Welding Society.

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