A Gift That Will Keep on Giving

May 11 2018

Rosedale Technical College is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date training opportunities for our students whenever possible. As part of our strategic plan, The Five Star Focus, we are working to further expand our relationship with employers to improve labs, training equipment and student skills.  Recently, we received an incredibly generous gift that will provide our diesel technology students in particular with the chance to learn in new ways and allow them to keep up with newer technology in the diesel industry. Plus, the support of this generous donor proves that it in some cases it “takes a village” to enhance the educational opportunities in Pittsburgh. Keep reading to learn more about this new gift and how it will keep on giving.

But First, a Shoutout!

We want to give a huge thanks from all of us at Rosedale to #1 Cochran located in Monroeville, PA. One of western Pennsylvania’s largest dealerships, #1 Cochran has proven its dedication to the advancement of the automotive and diesel industry by bestowing an engine valued at over $12,000 to Rosedale Technical College. Service Manager, Brian Bates, even delivered it personally to our campus. When he stopped in, Bates shared with us his and Cochran’s feelings about how imperative it is to give back to the local community, especially to trade schools. At Rosedale Tech, we are “all about the trades” but that’s because we are all about our students.


And for you automotive enthusiasts, here are some of the specs for this new engine:

2018 Duramax diesel engine (0 miles on the engine)
6.6 liter
445 horsepower
910 ft. lb. torque

This engine will truly provide us with ample opportunity to give our students an edge. Thank you, #1 Cochran. This gift is sure to keep our students revved up!

Comprehension and Troubleshooting

It’s one thing to learn how an engine works, it’s another to fix one that stops working. Technology is constantly changing and technicians can’t always rely on a computer to tell them what’s wrong with an engine that won’t start. This engine, along with our hands-on teaching methods in our diesel technology course, will allow us to teach our students what they need to know so they can keep up in the ever-evolving diesel industry. It also gives Rosedale Tech the chance to help our students understand the basics of diesel technology so they can work on and even repair older cars. Rosedale Tech is committed to giving our students the tools to understand their chosen field and how to troubleshoot technical problems that might come their way.

We’re All About the Trades

We are proud to provide our students with continued, up-to-date learning opportunities. At Rosedale Tech, we are focused on the miles ahead. In order to do that, we need to welcome the changes in the industries that our programs are based on so that we can “know all about the trades,” too. This engine is an incredible gift that will keep on giving to our students over years to come.

Employer Interest in Our Grads

Did you know that we have a program in place that helps employers find our students? It’s true! Not only do we encourage employers to seek out our graduates, but we make sure our graduates have the skills they need to pursue the jobs they seek. Rosedale Tech is invested in the success of our students beyond their graduation day. Our career preparation course provides instruction on resume writing, interview tips, and how to follow up with employers like #1 Cochran.

Visit our Career Services page for a list of the hundreds of employers who have hired Rosedale Tech graduates.

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