Partnering with Employers to Help Our Students Get Jobs

Aug 28 2019

At Rosedale Technical College, one of our top priorities is ensuring that our students graduate prepared for careers in the real world. We have a number of strategies that can help our students succeed in the workforce. One program that we are incredibly proud of is our partnership program. We work with local companies to help strengthen our programs, provide training, and offer job placement for our students! Keep reading to learn more about these great opportunities and how we can help you achieve a successful future.

Community Relationships

For over 70 years, Rosedale Tech has built relationships with local employers. They trust us and know that the education we have designed helps develop and prepare graduates for a successful future. That’s why they partner with us!

Each company that works with us provides unique benefits for our students. Some of the benefits include job placement, tuition support, career fairs, donations, training opportunities, and more! Contact us to learn about our current partnerships and what they offer!

Job Placement

truck driving into sunset
Our focus is to help our students graduate and find a rewarding career in their field. We are incredibly proud of our 93% job placement rate. Companies turn to us for qualified employees and we are constantly reaching to learn about available positions. If you have graduated or are close to graduation and ready to begin your future, let us know and we can help connect you with hiring companies.

Maria Gigliotti, our Student Success Coordinator, meets with our students that are scheduled to graduate. She will talk to you about your goals and can help you begin the job search process. Maria offers support throughout the entire process and is a wonderful part of our team! She is cheering you on and will do what she can to see you succeed!

Career Fairs

We hold career fairs twice a year. This is an opportunity made available to current students as well as graduates. You can meet with some of the top employers in the Pittsburgh area. Students are able to network, learn more about the current job market, and many employers even hold interviews on the spot!

Check out the success of one of our past career fairs. To make the most of these opportunities, take advantage of the Student Success Center to learn about resume building, interview skills, and more!

Employment While in School

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Some of the companies that we partner with offer part-time work for our students while they are completing their program. This provides a chance for both the employer and the student to see if they are a good fit for each other for the future. Part-time work is a great option for students as our programs can be time-intensive and rigorous.

Working With Companies

Each employer works with us individually to create a unique partnership. Some companies donate equipment for our students to learn on, host socials, provide tours of their facilities, offer training, and more.

Gordon Food Service (GFS) was one of the first companies to work with us. They provided an ice cream social on our campus where students were able to meet them informally and learn about the industry. Socials are a great way to introduce companies to prospective employees and develop connections before graduation.

Mazda has recently signed up for a multi-year contract with us to provide a specialized certification within our automotive technology program. We are very excited about the opportunities this will provide for our students.

We have many other partnerships in place and look forward to seeing the success that comes from these programs!

Some of the companies that we have worked with:

AAA East Central
FedEx Ground
Hennecke, Inc.
Zoresco Equipment Co.

Get Started

At Rosedale Technical College, we provide education and job placement support even beyond graduation. We want each of our students to succeed and enjoy rewarding careers. If you are interested in working with some of these great companies, consider an education at our school! Request info to learn about the variety of programs we offer and how we can help you achieve your goals.