Rosedale Team Spotlight: Meet Maria Gigliotti

Nov 18 2019

Here at Rosedale Technical College we are lucky to have an amazing staff and instructors. They are the main reason for our student’s success and a big part of what makes Rosedale Tech such a great place to get a trade education. We wanted to highlight our staff’s efforts and are so excited to share more about our amazing staff at the Student Success Center, namely, Maria Gigliotti.

Who Is Maria?

Our Student Success Coordinator, Maria Gigliotti, works hard to encourage students at school and beyond graduation. She meets with students to go over employment goals and helps with job searches, interviews, and more. We know how important it is for our students to have the resources they need to find careers in the future, and we couldn’t be more glad to have Maria there to help our students.

Maria has been with Rosedale Tech for over two years. She started part-time as a receptionist and now works as a job placement advisor. Through her hard work, she has made her way through the Rosedale ranks and now heads up the Student Success Center.

Student Success Center

Maria and the team work to provide many resources for our students and graduates. The success center combines their skills and talents to create curriculum and training programs, events like career fairs, and even training on note-taking skills and tips on resume writing.

Maria’s method to foster student success is all personal.

She says she wants students to feel comfortable and be able to talk about anything going on in their life. She recalls one success story where she was able to help a student who was missing classes to care for their family. She was able to help the student find a job, and even pitched in to provide diapers, allowing them to graduate without making up any work.

Employment Opportunities for Students

A big part of Maria’s work as Student Success Coordinator has been to help students and graduates get connected with employers. RTC’s amazing 88% job placement rate means students here have a lot of opportunities.

Maria meets with students about a month before graduation to talk about career goals. She also reaches out to local employers to see they are willing to work with student schedules while in school, helping them find work opportunities as they continue their education. We’re so grateful for all of Maria’s hard work in supporting our students.

Business Partnerships

The partnership program at Rosedale Technical College (RTC) is something Maria has helped to develop within our school and is something she’s very passionate about. It has already seen promising results with our Mazda partnership.

Mazda partnered with RTC in order to donate equipment and now provides a special certification for students. It’s a great opportunity for future jobs as well as the school as a whole. Maria says the goal of the program is to build ongoing relationships with companies to help students find jobs and receive equipment for students to practice working on.

Rosedale Tech also holds career fairs twice a year and partners with companies that offer part-time work to students while still in school. Maria advises students to reach out to the Rosedale team often. We always strive to find opportunities for our students even after graduation!

The Impact Maria Has on Our Students

We are so grateful to Maria for working with our students to find jobs and helping them feel prepared for graduation. Her passion for our students and their success is a huge asset to Rosedale Tech.

Maria’s advice to students:

“Be yourself and enjoy the ride because it is fun out there once you are doing something that you love. Passion is everything. Do something that excites you and you are excited to wake up to.”

Meet Maria and Other Rosedale Tech Staff

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